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Grade EH! (Original) Angry Beaver (Medium) Raging Moose (Hot) Jack Frost (Suicide)

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Ian Milmine

The Sauce Boss

      My name is Ian Milmine, the founder and creative mind behind “Canadian Grade Eh”. Late 2001, I moved to Simcoe, Ontario a small town within Norfolk County. I found a community that loves its local small businesses, and more importantly, food.

      In late 2005, I met my now wife whom I won over with my passion for cooking, and creativity in the kitchen. After getting married in 2011, we started a family. While my wife was pregnant, I cooked a rack of ribs with my family BBQ sauce, a recipe passed down 3 generations. The sauce she grew to love didn't taste the same, her taste buds had changed. I had to add my own personal twist. After many failed attempts, I finally created a new flavour that she, the baby, and I enjoyed. I shared my new creation with friends and family. The feedback was overwhelming, everyone loved it.

      In September 2014, I was able to create “Canadian Grade Eh” thanks to the love, hard work, and support from my family, friends, and more importantly, my wife. Today, we have 4 BBQ sauces that have been enjoyed by thousands. We are still growing thanks to the community that is so passionate about its locally made products. By trying “Canadian Grade Eh” you can be part of that community too.